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first initial + middle initial + 12 characters of last name + #### (where #### is the first four numbers in your birthdate).

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Follow Me Printing Follow Me Printing


Public Computer Labs at Midwestern State University feature a system called "Follow-me Printing."

How it works

When you are in a public computer lab and print a document you are asked to enter your M number at the computer workstation. Your print job is then stored in the Follow-me Printing system.

Once your job is stored in the Follow-me Printing system you can either go directly to the printer located in THAT lab... OR... if that printer is busy with other jobs you have the option to go to any other public lab on campus and print your job from there. All you need to do is walk up to a public lab printer with a scan station and scan your student ID card.

NOTE: Jobs in the Follow-me Printing system EXPIRE 24 hours after they were started.

What kind of Laptop should I buy? What kind of Laptop should I buy?


MSU Information Technology - Laptop Guidelines

Any laptop, Mac or PC, should be fine with MacOS X or Windows 7 or 8.

However, please be aware that if you purchase a system with Windows 8 the pre-installed IE10 is not supported by our systems, it *may* work but is not supported so we recommend Firefox or Chrome as a browser.

We also recommend at least 4GB of RAM, but systems with 8GB would be less troublesome – especially with a 64bit OS.

Screen Resolution: Look for 1920 x 1080 minimum.

read more about laptops here


Best Browser to use? Best Browser to use?

You may have issues if you use these browsers.
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari Browser (especially on a Windows Computer
Midwestern State Information Technology recommends...

Printing @ MSU Printing @ MSU


Tips and Tricks for printing at MSU

Your Printing Credit per semester = $100
Each semester your account is credited with $100 for printing. As shown below - You can get approximately 1,000 printed pages (one side only) for $100. You can get slightly more pages if you select "print both sides" when printing your material.

Public Labs
Your printing credit is used anytime you print something in a "public lab." Public labs are large labs located in Moffett Library, Clark Student Center, Dillard College of Business and Bridwell.

Private Labs
Some departments (such as Business) have setup private labs for students in their degree programs. Printing in a "Private Lab" DOES NOT count against your $100 credit - however, limits may be set on how many pages you can print.

Question from Spirit Days 6/24: Can you print on the University printers using your own laptop?
Answer: No, that is not possible. However, you can use a flash file to open your files on a computer lab computer and print them.

MSU Wifi System MSU Wifi System


How to get connected
For instructions on how to get connected to the MSU Wifi network visit

Recent Upgrades
Residence halls were upgraded with a new wifi system that completely blankets all housing for students. The upgrade was completed Aug/Sept 2013.

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