If you are a FIRST TIME USER If you are a FIRST TIME USER


Have we got GREAT NEWS!

If you are a FIRST TIME USER (never logged into portal) you can now use our FIRST TIME USER system to setup your account.

By using FIRST TIME USER you will be shown your username and given a chance to setup your own unique password.

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Portal Login FAQ Portal Login FAQ


It is my understanding that the new portal will replace WebWorld. Is this true?

No. The portal provides an easy way for you to ACCESS WebWorld (also called Banner). In the event you are having trouble with your login, are not a fully admitted student, OR you graduated several years ago - you can STILL ACCESS WEBWORLD by visiting the WebWorld link on the MSU Homepage and clicking the link that says "Click to enter WebWorld" (WebWorld Direct Link)

I have a deadline that I need to finish online in WebWorld, but I can't log into the portal. Is there some other way to get to WebWorld?

Yes. See answer above.

I have tried the login and it's not working. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes. Two actually. (1) Make sure you are putting an exclamation mark on the end of your M Number (password). (2) If that didn't work, try leaving out the middle name initial. We are finding that several students in Banner do not have their middle names entered.

I just found out my middle name is not entered in Banner and this was causing login issues with the portal. Is this going to cause my information to be lost or corrupt?

No. Your data is stored in Banner/Webworld. We pull that data to the portal using your M Number as the common link.

Quick Tips Quick Tips




Your username is NOT your Mustangs ID

Your portal username is brand new (it's not what you used to log into WebWorld in 2012)

Your username is (first initial + middle initial + last name (no more than 12 letters) + MMDD (birthdate)

If your username doesn't work try removing the middle name initial

There are only TWO PLACES you will enter student\ in front of your username

  1. Logging into Library Databases
  2. Connecting to MSU Wireless Network


Your password IS your Mustangs ID (add an ! on the end)

Your password can be changed using the "Reset Password" Link at the top of this page.

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