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Some systems can also be accessed without the portal if needed.

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Some systems MUST be accessed outside the portal.



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Touchnet Info Touchnet Info


Hello, this information is meant to help you if you are having problems getting into Touchnet. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY.

If you are trying to make a housing payment.

That is a different system. You need to go to the housing website and if you have issues with that system you can call them at 940-397-4217 or email them at

If you are a current or incoming student and need to make a payment.

You need to be accessing Touchnet from INSIDE the MSU Portal. DO NOT click the gray button that says "Touchnet" on the portal welcome page (before you login). That button is for parents and past students (people who DO NOT have portal logins). For users WITH portal logins the best way to go is to click the maroon button that says "Login to MSU Portal" and login. After you login there will be a link on the left side that says "Touchnet Online Payments". That link SHOULD automatically log you into Touchnet. If it does not, and it is asking you to enter your Mustangs ID (or user ID) and a PIN... then, something is WRONG. Keep reading.

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