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We highly encourage you to follow the instructions on the right and setup your new password manager account.

However - we understand there are some times when things just don't work right and you are under a time constraint.

Here are some options.

Bypass the portal and go directly into

D2L Login


Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Call the helpdesk and talk to a human at 940-397-4278.

Still no luck - call the Portal Administrator at 940-397-4015.

What, Why, How? What, Why, How?


What is the password manager?

The password manager allows you to get password reset links sent to email addresses (maximum two) and/or your cellphone. It will also display your username for you in case you don't know what it is. Currently 50% of the phone calls to our helpdesk are from users who do not know their username.

Why do I need it?

If you are in a situation where you cannot remember your login for the portal on a weekend... at 3am in the morning. Now you will have the tools to reset and access your account without waiting for the helpdesk to open.

How do I set it up?

Follow the instructions below. If you want - you can click this link to open the portal in another tab so you can refer back to these instructions.

How to setup your password manager How to setup your password manager


Step 1 Portal Homepage:

Click here to open the portal homepage in a new tab/window.

In that new tab/window click the maroon login to MSU Portal button to open the login screen.

Step 2 Portal Login Screen:

On the portal login screen enter your MSU login and click submit.

Step 3 Portal Password Manager Login:

When you click submit in Step 2 you will see the portal homepage for a moment and then be redirected to the Portal Password Manager Login screen (shown at right). You will need to re-enter your password and click "sign in".

Step 4 Portal Password Manager Home:

Under Account Recovery Settings click "Get Started."

Step 5 Security Questions:

The first section you see will be the new security questions area. You can select from a dropdown which question you want to use. There are a lot to choose from. After setting all four security questions click "Submit."

At this point you are done with items required before you can login. If you need to get into the portal immediately you can now click the "My Applications" button and save your changes. You will be logged out. After that you can log back into the portal and use it as you normally would.

We do suggest you continue and finish the final two steps to setup your email and/or cellphone.

Step 6 Email Recovery:

Your Primary email address is pulled from WebWorld.

You have the option to enter a secondary email address. It is HIGHLY recommended that you put a NON-MSU email address as a secondary so you can receive reset information there if you are locked out of MSU Email accounts.

To set your secondary email enter it in the space provided and click "Verify."


Step 7 Email Verification:

A pop-up window will ask for the verification code.

Step 8 Verification Code:

Check your email for a message that looks like the one shown at right.

Enter the 7 digit number in the pop-up from step 7 to verify your email address so it can be used for password recovery. If you do not complete this step it will not be available for use during resets.

Step 9 Phone Recovery:

The last block allows you to enter a cellphone that you can use to recover your login / reset your password.

Enter your cellphone number including area code.

Use the dropdown provided to select your carrier (AT&T, Sprint, etc).

Click "Verify"

A pop-up will open prompting for the verification code.

Check your phone text messages for the code. Enter the code and click Submit. You can now use your cellphone to assist in resetting or recovering your login.

Step 10 Back to Portal:

You are now done setting up your password recovery options.

Click the "My Applications" button to return to the portal.



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