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If you need help from the MSU Information Technology Department please send an email to with as much information as possible (location, equipment ID, description of problem). These emails are fed directly into our workorder system and will ensure your issue gets assigned to a technician as quickly as possible.


MSU Information Technology will never ask for your password OR send you emails asking you to do suspicious tasks - such as logging in at some remote website to keep your email from being shut off. If you suspect that someone has sent you a malicious email that is attempting to get private information from you (login details, passwords, etc) please forward those emails to so we can deal with them.

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FREE Microsoft Office for Faculty and Staff FREE Microsoft Office for Faculty and Staff


Get the latest copy of Microsoft Office. All MSU Faculty and Staff can get a FREE copy of Microsoft Office by bringing a flash drive to Memorial Building and seeing Shauna Kennedy.

Understanding the Portal Understanding the Portal


In the image above you see a typical city mall. The idea of a mall is to have all stores available in one place. The shopper typically enters through main doors and then has access to all of the stores inside. There are also other external doors that allow shoppers direct access to some of the larger stores.

Just like the City Mall - the MSU Portal allows users to access multiple systems from one login. When you enter your login credientials ONE TIME you are then granted access to all other systems you are allowed to access. Just like the mall - our campus systems sometimes have alternate login pages for larger systems such as Webmail or Banner.


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